Dr Gerry's Coco Nectar 200ml (300g)

Dr Gerry's Coco Nectar 200ml (300g)

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Coco Nectar (CCN) is an Amino Acid “Bomb” – it delivers a concentrated and complete supply of all the 20 Amino Acids needed by the Immune System to fight a myriad of diseases and repair damaged tissues in the body.

Dr Gerry's Coco Nectar is very safe, can be taken in megadoses, and requires no digestion.

The superfood coco nectar from the coconut flower is an all-natural medifood supplement that:

 Bursts with vitamins & minerals, and more amino acids than animal protein, vegetables, or even bee honey
 Helps fortify the immune system and fight diseases
 Helps promote tissue repair and regeneration
 Helps soothe rashes and skin breaks
 Helps relieve discomfort brought about by hyperacidity
 Has a low glycemic index ideal for diabetics’ blood sugar management





Maintenance: 2 tbsps, 1-3 times/day on an empty stomach.
For Illness: take as much as 150-300 g/day, depending on seriousness of affliction and specially for life-threatening diseases.

1-2 tsps/day as supplement; more as needed to combat illness. It could be diluted with distilled water for drinking.


Use as an alternative to pancake syrup, bee honey, sugar, coffee sweetener, fruits and ice cream toppings, and any other recipe requiring some doses of sugar.



  • FIGHT DISEASES - Relentlessly bombard and neutralize intruders/invaders(virus, bacteria,etc.) –something the anti-biotics in overdose, can never do without damaging the body.  CCN is very safe food and can/should be taken in megadoses for serious and life-threatening ailments.
  • REPAIR DAMAGED TISSUES - Supply raw materials for the immediate repair, rehabilitation and rejuvenation of damaged tissues and organs. CCN needs no digestion so it is assimilated in less than 2 minutes from ingestion, delivering the necessary repair substances to the affected tissues.


CCN enhances, and in the case of older people, reawaken the vitality of the reproductive organs in as much as Amino Acids comprise all reproductive fluids. It is a natural and much safer alternative to the so-called “colored pills” taken by seniors; no side effects, no overdose, no anxiety. In the words of those who have tried it, “you can be cock-sure with Coco Nectar”.  Maintaining some regularity in sexual activities will help prevent Prostate Cancer and Myoma.

Start with 2-3 tbsp of PureCCN in the morning before breakfast on an EMPTY STOMACH or 5 mins before meals. You could vary the intake by taking it as Coco Nectar Juice, mixing CCN with water. When positive results are experienced, the dosage can be taken again before sleeping. The Body undertakes undisturbed repairs while asleep.

CCN delivers Repair Materials to the afflicted organs. Since it is a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory, it fights the infection and swelling, if there is any.

In the case of Diabetics, CCN delivers not only repair materials for the damaged Pancreas, CCN likewise delivers all the necessary amino acid ingredients (17 in all) for the manufacture of Insulin. Regular exercise will go a long way in converting more sugar to energy, thereby containing, if not preventing, Diabetes.



CCN is the BEST and SAFEST food for Heart patients and Stroke Victims.

Digestion is very stressful to the heart. CCN does not require digestion. It delivers all the necessary “repair” materials to the body without taxing the heart to power the process.

A megadose of CCN (like 150-300gms/day) on an EMPTY STOMACH has restored the body of some stroke victims in 30-60 days.

CCN enhances blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. It is therefore an advisable Food Supplement for Heart patients.

It has been shown that a combination of the Amino Acids Proline and Lysine and megadoses of non-acidic Vitamin C, reverses Atherosclerosis, a direct cause of high blood pressure and heart attacks. Proline and Lysine are already present in CCN, among the 20 Amino Acids.


CCN is a very effective Dengue Fighter. It has not failed to lick Dengue since it was first tested in 2004.

It has raised Platelet counts from as low as 6,000, to over 100,000 in 24 hours or less.

Strictly Dengue patients in hospitals invariably get discharged within 24-48 hours from taking CCN. The dosage is easy to remember. The cure is very cheap. One only needs 1-2 small bottles.

For Adults: Take half a bottle (150gms) immediately on an EMPTY STOMACH. If it is taken in the morning, follow it up with the other half before sleeping. If  the first dose is taken in the afternoon or evening, take the other half in the morning BEFORE breakfast. Then have a 2nd bottle in reserve, for insurance.

For 6-13 years: take ¼ bottle (75gms), and follow it up with a similar dose every 6-8 hrs until the bottle is done or until the platelets surpass the 100,000 count.

Tots and Infants: Reduce the dosage proportionate to the body weight.

You may use droppers for infants; or mix CCN with water and bottle-feed.

There is NO OVERDOSE for CCN, so the dosages do not have to be exact.


CCN Users have reported relieved symptoms of leukemia, anemia, colon, cervical and breast cancer and blood abnormalities. A simple blood analysis can validate the effects of CCN on the health of the blood and plasma. CCN has been proven as best natural food fighter against blood-related diseases.


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