100% Natural Citronella Oil 30ml

100% Natural Citronella Oil 30ml

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100% Natural

Recommended for: repelling insects and deodorizing the home

Be mosquito-free
Rich and lemony with subtle wood tones, citronella oil's lingering fragrance masks scents that attract insects, without being toxic to humans and pets.

Home freshener
This uplifting scent is an excellent deodorizer for closets and kitchen cabinets, and can help keep storage spaces insect-free.

If you are pregnant, hypertensive or have epilepsy, consult with your physician prior to use of essential oils.



Soothing Head Massage
Gently rub a few drops of Citronella Oil between your fingers to warm the oil. Place your fingertips on your temples and slowly massage, starting from the ends of your eyebrows, circling up towards your hairline and back down again. After massaging, spread the remaining oil on your palms, cup over your mouth and nose, and breathe in the relieving scent.

Relaxing Muscle Massage
Mix a few drops of Citronella Oil with Sunflower Beauty Oil in a small bowl. Rub a small amount of the mixture on tired muscles and joints. PRO TIP: After massaging, cover the area with a heated Precious Herbal Pillow for ultimate comfort.

Refreshing Foot Soak
Combine a few drops of Citronella Oil and Tea Tree Oil in a basin of warm water. Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes and relax while listening to your favorite soothing tunes. PRO TIP: For a euphoric head-to-toe spa, soak your feet while treating your tresses with our Daily Hair Treatment and pampering your face with our Detoxifying Mask + Scrub.

Moths Away
Put a few drops of Citronella Oil on a cotton pad and place it inside your linen closet to help keep clothes smelling fresh and free from moths.

Shoo Strays, Shoo
In a clean spray bottle, combine a few drops of Citronella Oil with water. Shake to mix thoroughly and spray areas around your home. The scent can help ward off stray cats and dogs.


INGREDIENTS: caprylic/capric triglyceride, Cymbopogon winterianus (citronella) leaf essential oil


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